Order Supplies and Book Vendors

Ordering supplies and services a month before the event ensures you’ll have wiggle room to select the best prices and allow for shipping time.


  • $8 to $10 per head for American Apparel, or $4 to $6 for a cheaper brand


  • 24-hour event: 4 to 5 meals

  • 36-hour event: 6 meals

  • To determine how much food you need, multiply $7 per meal x the number of meals x per head of expected attendance. Add $5 to $10 per person for snacks and drinks depending on length of your hackathon.

  • Food is a great opportunity to showcase what makes your city special and celebrate any special themes you might have. Use it as an opportunity to share local cuisine that your participants are sure to remember.

  • Develop a plan to Donate leftovers to homeless shelter

Tables and chairs

  • Assume 4-6 people per table depending on how large the tables are.

  • Plan on having enough table and chairs for the maximum number of attendees you expect.

AV equipment

  • For opening ceremony and final demos, plan on having access to a room that can fit all of your attendees seated with a projector.


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