What MLH Provides

At Major League Hacking, our mission is to empower hackers. One way that we accomplish our mission is by providing this organizer guide to anyone in the world who wants to host a hackathon.

MLH also provides two different avenues for high-touch hackathon support: The League and MLH Localhost. See the chart below to learn what we provide to each!

League Member Events

League Member Events are hackathons organized by students and hosted at colleges and universities in North America, the UK, and the EU. These events must target at least 100 attendees in North America and at least 80 attendees in the UK and the EU. League Member hackathons must last 24 hours or more.

To become a League Member Event, please submit an application. Please review these requirements to be considered for membership in The League.

MLH Localhost Hackathons

MLH Localhost Hackathons do not have minimum size or length requirements, although we recommend a minimum size of at least 20 participants and at least a 12 hour timeframe for the best experience!

To host an MLH Localhost Hackathon, please submit an application. You can learn more about MLH Localhost and MLH Localhost Hackathons on our website.

League Member Events vs. MLH Localhost Hackathons

Category Offering League Member Events MLH Localhost Hackathons
Support Pre-Event Calls with our Hackathon Experts Yes
2–3 calls
1 – 2 calls
Hackathon Organizing Resources (video, guide, etc.) Yes Yes
Preferred Vendor Rates & Introductions Yes Yes
Code of Conduct Yes Yes
Day–Of Event Support Yes
Representative On–site
Github New Member Grants Yes No
Community Access to Online Hackathon Organizer Community Yes Yes
Discounted Tickets to Hackathon Organizer Conference Yes Yes
Introductions to Organizers and Sponsors in the MLH Network Yes Yes
Marketing Social Media Support Yes Yes
Event Listed on MLH Website Yes
Season Page
Selected Repeat Events Only
Blog Post Recap Yes
Selected Events Only
Selected Events Only
Swag, Freebies, & Prizes "I Demoed" Stickers Yes
Customized w/Event Branding
MLH Stickers and Season Stickers Yes Yes
Other Stickers (Sponsor Stickers, Github Stickers) Yes Yes
Prizes Yes
Medals for Top Teams & Prizes for Official MLH Sponsor Categories
Award Certificates for 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place and Social Media
Snacks & Drinks (Soylent & Awake Chocolate) Yes
Based on Availability
Soylent only, USA Only
Season T-Shirts Yes No
Inclusion in Season Rankings Yes No
Hardware & Software Hosting Credit Yes Yes
Free Domains Yes Yes
Other Free Software (Github Student Developer Pack, Softheon API Access, etc.) Yes Yes
Hardware Lab Yes No
Miscellaneous Post-Event Surveying Yes Yes
MyMLH Registration Support Yes Yes
!Light Mini-Event Available on Request Yes
Cup Stacking Mini-Event Yes
Facilitated by MLH Representative On-Site
Guide Available
Cups Not Provided
MLH Photographer Selected Events No

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