Build Your Leadership Team

Every first-rate hackathon has an exceptional leadership team behind it. When selecting yours, think like a startup CEO: choose enthusiastic and smart people with complementary skills. Here’s what a hackathon leadership team looks like:

  • Head of logistics — books venue, develops and runs schedule, orders services and supplies

  • Head of finance — secures sponsorships, makes sure vendors get paid, and manages the cash flow and budget.

  • Head of marketing — promotes the event. In charge of marketing strategy, website, social media, etc.

  • Head of hacker experience - this could be the responsibility of another member of the team, but it is extremely important to have everyone in your organization thinking about how to create the best possible hacker experience at your event.

MLH Tips

  • To avoid confusion and increase efficiency, make one person responsible for each category of deliverables.

  • To accurately track progress, encourage transparency among team leaders. Consider creating a status spreadsheet that each person can update on a daily or weekly basis.