MLH Organizer Event Fulfillment

For those of you looking to give hackers physical swag after your digital events, Major League Hacking has a couple of options to help! We are able to utilize our regional fulfillment centers, one in Missouri, one in the United Kingdom, and one yet to be determined in APAC, to send swag out in bulk. This allows us to be able to offer you ways to include your materials and at either no cost or at affordable rates.

MLH will pay for all of the costs associated with shipping and fulfilling the MLH swag, but we'll invoice your team for any additional costs to ship your event's swag. We have full transparency regarding our costs versus yours.

We are able to send:

  • Stickers

  • Tee shirts

  • Prizes

  • Various forms of swag.

We are not able to ship:

  • Perishable items such as snacks

  • Anything else that requires time or temperature sensitive delivery.

We would get final confirmation from you and your team before sending out combined materials. If we need to invoice you, the MLH Operations (Ops) team will send you a quote based on what our fulfillment centers shipping quotes are, how many hackers will be sent swag, etc.

In all of our options, there will be additional forms we would require you to fill out. You can find a sample here. If you have any questions, need additional context, or have other Logistics questions, please reach out to MLH Ops at

Now onto the offerings!

Option #1: Envelopes to Hackers

Description: You can find a video of Ryan from MLH opening a sample envelope from WinHacks! We will give an envelope to every hacker who participates in an MLH member event regardless if you send us anything, so this is a great way for you to include some of your event’s or sponsor’s stickers.

Constraints: The total weight of the envelope cannot exceed 1 ounce. A household equivalent of this would be the weight of six sheets of printer paper. Also, the materials must be able to fit inside of a 4x9” envelope. Please see the video link for a reference of what stickers we currently send in the envelopes.

Cost to you: As long as the total envelope weight doesn’t exceed 1 ounce, none!

This is our recommendation if you:

  • Are sending low volume swag such as stickers, post cards, or flyers

  • Want a low lift option as this process is fairly hands off

  • Are looking for our most budget-friendly option

Option #2: Combined Fulfillment using MLH Centers

Description: Your team would let us know what materials you intend to send to hackers, which the MLH team will review and give feedback. Once everything is reviewed, you would send your swag to one of our regional fulfillment centers, based on hacker locations. They will then combine MLH materials with yours, and ship it out.

Constraints: Barring any shipping restraints, none. We have experience shipping to almost every continent and dozens of countries. With enough heads up, our fulfillment centers can take in large amounts of product, so total size/weight is not a concern.

Cost to you: This is more variable than our letter offering. It ultimately depends on what you plan on including in your portion of the shipment. Some factors to consider are:

  • Weight: As the weight of the package increases, the shipping costs will increase proportionally. For reference, the materials MLH will provide have been pre-weighed to be roughly 8 oz or 250 grams.

  • Dimensions: Shipping companies charge via dimensional weight if it is greater than the actual weight of the shipment. We ship via FedEx, so we recommend using their calculator. Our fulfillment center will always pack in the smallest possible size container, but be mindful if you have irregularly sized or spacious materials.

  • Fulfillment Time: If you have 50 unique pencils which need to be packed individually, this will increase the time it takes to pack. This is less tangible than the former two factors, but still worthwhile.

Reference of Initial Costs for MLH Materials:

















8 Oz Bubble Mailer









250g Large Letter

As these are the costs for MLH swag, we would be subtracting these costs from each shipment. So if the total shipping costs for a US to US shipment is $7.70, we’d subtract MLH’s swag cost of $4.70 and charge you (the organizing team) $3 per shipment.

Finally, if your team wants to send out 500 individual swag shipments to hackers, MLH would invoice your team for a total of $1,500.

This is our recommendation if you:

  • Want to send hackers larger swag items like tote bags, shirts, etc.

  • Have time to work with MLH Ops before and after your event to ensure timely shipping

  • Have a dedicated fulfillment budget with some flexibility for customs/fees

Please reach out to with any questions regarding fulfillment or shipping of your event’s swag!