MLH Localhost

What MLH Localhost provides

We provide you with a step-by-step presentation that is easy for people of all skill levels to follow, all of the documentation, lots of swag, and loan you any hardware that you might need – all for free! Localhost workshops are designed for beginners to teach other beginners. Just practice the slides before the workshop, run the workshop, and give out the swag after the workshop. It's amazing!

Hands-on experience

Localhost events give your attendees hands-on experience with the tech they're learning. They can immediately apply what they've learned to their projects, like how to build a game for Slack, use Ada to write bug-free code, or how to use CockroachDB to let their popular app scale seamlessly after the hackathon. They can even learn what exactly is a blockchain!

Beginner-friendly, no experience necessary

All MLH hackathons welcome beginners too. But it can be hard to acclimate a newbie on the day of the hackathon. You can also use Localhost workshops as a "warmup" for your hackathon. You can run a workshop 1-2 weeks prior to your hackathon so freshman, people who are complete beginners to programming, or that biology major who's thinking about computer science can come prepared to your event.
Experienced hackers can also benefit from our workshops too. If they are struggling to find ideas for a project, want to check out a new API, or have fun at a workshop, Localhost treats them as a first-class citizen as well.

Run your event today!

Go to for our list of activities and to sign up to run an event.
We recommend having a dedicated volunteer or member of the organizing team in charge of registering for and facilitating the workshop since you already have a lot to do.