The MLH Hackathon Organizer Guide

Welcome to the MLH Hackathon Organizer Guide! This is a community initiative by Major League Hacking that contains a lot of the lessons that we and the hackathon community around the world have learned from organizing hackathons — all in a single student hackathon playbook.

Take a look and learn some of the practices used by hackathon organizers all around the world. This guide should contain most, if not all, of the practices you need to throw a great hackathon.

Disclaimer: The hackathon organizer guide is never finished. It's an ongoing project that we're always trying to update as we and the global hackathon organizer community learn. Try everything, contribute your learnings back to the guide with a pull request over on our GitHub repository for this guide.

Introduction to Organizer Guide

"I learned more in one weekend than I did in the last month of lectures!"

Are you ready to host your school’s very own hackathon?

Each semester, more than 65,000 developers, designers, and makers compete for their school's glory at the 200+ official MLH hackathons around the world. Whether you’re hosting your first or third MLH hackathon, our organizer guide will give you the tools to blow away your student hacker community.

Major League Hacking's mission is to empower hackers. This guide helps us support organizers in their pursuit to throw incredible hackathons and empower hackers to build great hacks.

Code of Conduct

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The Hackathon Organizer Guide is open sourced under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY 4.0) license. Read more here.

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