Streamyard is the service MLH uses to stream to Twitch, Facebook, and Youtube simultaneously. You can control graphics, layouts, and invite hackers to stream with you. All from the browser.

Creating A Broadcast

  • Hit the Create a Broadcast button

  • Select which platforms you’d like to stream to (typically all of them)

  • Give your broadcast a title that will stand the test of time

    • “Marbles” is not a good stream title

    • “Hack at Home Marble Races” is a better stream title

  • Include a few sentences of description and whatever logistical information you need to in the description

  • Only use schedule for later if you want hackers to see that we’ll be live at a specific time

Pro Tips

  • Use a wired internet connection when possible

  • Make sure you’re in a quiet environment

  • Get familiar with Streamyard before going live the first time

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