Slideshow Karaoke

A traditional MLH Mini Event

An improv activity where the presenter is given a randomly selected presentation. The presentation can either be a real slideshow (from or a set of real slides from a different presentation that are nonsensical when assembled together, or slides that are nonsensical on their own (in some cases created by randomly downloading images from the internet and adding unrelated text).

Running the event:

  • Host on Zoom or any other video calling platform that allows for participants to share their screen easily.

  • Go to and choose a slidedeck (ask for topic suggestions or pre-create a list of slides before the event).

  • Share your screen with the slidedeck and ask who wants to present the slidedeck as you, the MLHer, control the slide.

  • Allocate ~2 minutes per presenter

Note: If participants have their own slidedeck to run, feel free to ask them to share their screen!

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