Marble Races

Presented to you by Chris from MLH

You will need:

  • A Windows machine (Check the store page for marbles for minimum specs)

  • Streamyard

  • A microphone and commanding voice

What is this?

Marbles on Steam is a free game where viewers of a twitch stream can hop in and put their name on a marble. The marbles race through a track with no input from the players. It’s very silly and not skill-based at all.

  • Install Steam, if you don’t have a Steam account.

  • Download Marbles on Stream.

  • Log in to your Twitch account on Marbles.

  • Click on the Race button to start a race. Once there, simply select “Random” to have it pick a random track.

  • Boot up Streamlyard and stream the game through it

  • Once the map loads, tell the folks in the chat to type “!join” to join the race as a marble. No other commands work, and they don’t have any input on the game.

  • Important: Stream delay is pretty large. Expect at worst 100 seconds between what you say and it appearing on stream.

  • Begin the race once a significant portion of your viewers have joined. Control the camera using the WASD keys, and use Left Alt to display all the names of your marbles. Follow them around the track and provide fun commentary!

  • Run the game 3 or so times, and whenever you decide to wrap up, hype up your final race by saying it’s the grand finals for marbles at your hackathon. If you can, award them a fun title for their victory in the Discord Channel!

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