MLH Mini Events

Standard Mini Events MLH Representatives conduct at different Member Events

Each link below has instructions to run the mini-event. A quick summary of each is included here for your reference.

  • !Light: Participants remake a chosen website using their best (or worst) HTML and CSS skills in a limited amount of time.

  • Werewolf: Mystery game where participants all play a part of either Werewolf, See, Doctor, Witch, or Villager. Non-tech game that anyone can play.

  • Bob Ross Painting: Paint like Bob Ross but in an ancient version of Windows Paint while watching Bob Ross on Twitch. It’s funny AND impressive!

  • SlideShow Karaoke: Improv but with a slide deck chosen at random or created by someone with a sense of humor. Participants don’t know what they are presenting until it’s time to present.

Mini Events

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