MS Paint Bob Ross

Presented to you by Mary from MLH

MS Paint Bob Ross is MLH's new favourite mini-event and hopefully yours too. You’ll be watching a Bob Ross video alongside hackers and creating a masterpiece.

Pro Tips

  • You should paint something alongside the hackers and Bob Ross. You get to participate too.

  • Regularly check in with folks and schmooze a bit. This should be a silly interactive stream.

  • Make sure hackers know they’re going to post their creations at the end.


Running the Event

  • Share the video you selected with hackers and ask them to queue up the video.

  • Have hackers open up or the paint application of their choice.

  • Share your screen so hackers can see you painting if they’d like to.

  • Do a countdown for the video and have everyone follow along together.

  • At the end, have hackers take turns sharing their screens to showcase their work or consider posting them in a public channel of some sort!

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