Project Challenges

Ideas and descriptions for different tracks

Every event has different ways to engage hackers. Having challenges for specific topics can help hackers come up with where to get started on what type of project they want to make, and can encourage them to try out things they would not have considered before. Challenges like this are usually only one winner, and you should try and make sure 1 team is not the winner of multiple tracks where possible.

You should try and have sponsors or partners provide these challenges where possible. Not only does it keep your budget down, it also gets them directly involved! You also want to avoid having 20 different tracks at your event, as judging will quickly get messy. You should aim for 3 tracks if you have no sponsor tracks and are not doing an overall 1st, 2nd, 3rd. If sponsors/partners are helping with judging you can have more, but be cognizant of how chaotic judging deliberations can be with many categories.

Let's review some example challenges and descriptions

  • Best Sustainability Hack

    • This sustainability challenge invites you to develop a hack that provides an innovative and practical solution that promote sustainable development.

  • Best Accessibility Hack

    • This accessibility challenge invites you to develop a hack that promotes accessibility and inclusion for people.

  • Best First-Time Hack

    • This best first time hacker challenge is made to welcome new hackers (and those who work with beginners)! You are eligible for this category if at least half of your team is made of 1st time hackers.

  • Best Data Hack

    • Come and impress us with your data visuals! Create a data visualization in your hack, or use data in a unique and innovative way.

  • Best Web3 Hack

    • Build a decentralized application and share it with the world! Create something using blockchain for this challenge.

  • Best AI Hack

    • This challenge invites you to develop an AI, or use an existing AI in your project. Be clear in your submission on what you created vs public tools you utilized in your project.

  • Best Hardware Hack

    • Using your preferred hardware or hardware emulator, build a hack of your choice.

  • Best Design

    • This design challenge invites you to develop a hack with innovative and visually appealing user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX).

  • Best Engagement

    • This challenge is for the attendee/s that attend the most events during the hackathon. Events include workshops, keynotes, career fairs, and fun activities. If it is on the schedule, then it counts towards this challenge!

      The purpose of this challenge is to show our hackers that you don't need to build a project at a hackathon to participate and have fun.

    • This does require extra work by your team throughout the event so you can track engagement. QR codes at each activity, a secret code they enter in a form, or another way to track attendance is needed for this challenge.

  • Jankiest Quick Fix

    • For the thrown together "If it isn't broke don't touch it" projects

    • Have a screwdriver for the prize as a fun themed tie in.

  • Best Transportation/Urban Life Hack

    • This challenge invites you to develop a hack with innovative way to impact transportation or urban life. For example, a new way to connect with your neighbors, a new way to incentivize or improve public transportation, etc.

  • Best Food Hack

    • This challenge invites you to develop an innovative hack related to food. For example, a way to reduce food waste, a way to find new places to eat, etc.

  • Best Art Hack

    • This challenge invites you to develop a hack related to art. For example, a new way to find pop up art exhibits, a place to learn more about historical pieces, etc.

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