After The Event

Congratulations — you pulled off a successful hackathon! To close out your event, follow this post-event checklist to ensure you finish on a high note:
  • Collect evidence of your success — aggregate press mentions, tweets, photos, videos, etc. These will be invaluable for promoting your next hackathon.
  • Send a thank you note to your sponsors with key numbers, event highlights, and your best photos.
    • Always be closing: offer sponsors a special deal if they agree to sponsor your next hackathon. (See sponsorship webinar for more details.)
  • Email attendees and sponsors a post-event survey. The information you receive will help you make your next hackathon even better.
  • Settle the books and send final payments.
  • Schedule a retrospective with MLH.
  • Attend MLH Hackcon to collaborate with other hackathon organizers, share your story, and connect with our great community.