Line Up Great Prizes

Prizes are a great way to reward hackers for their hard work. When selecting them, it’s important to seriously consider why you are giving a prize, what sort of behaviors that prize rewards, and how you can go about motivating those behaviors. No one wants to be seen as a stingy starfish, but prizes say a lot about who you are as a community, why you are there in the first place, and they influence the vibe of your event — big time.

Prize Ideas

Gear – Cool Items To Use With Future Hacks

Experiences – A Memorable, One-time Adventure With Friends

  • Movie Tickets

  • Trip to Medieval Times or an amusement park

  • A trip somewhere (may cost $1000/person, but still less overall than many cash prizes)

  • Lunch with your hero

  • Laser tag tournament

  • Conference tickets

  • Company trip – visit and hang out with your favorite companies for a day

Novelty – Things Hackers Love, But Might Not Buy For Themselves

MLH Tips

  • MLH doesn’t recommend cash prizes.

  • Order prizes early — many cool items will be back-ordered.


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