Run-Through with the Team

Just like a play or a wedding, it’s important to rehearse your schedule once with all team members.

  • Create and distribute a run-of-show document with:

  • A timeline including the official hackathon schedule and a secondary staff schedule denoting what needs to happen behind the scenes — and when

  • Confirmed roles and report times for each team member. Sample responsibilities include:

    • Checking in guests

    • Greeting and directing attendees

    • Running social media

    • Setting out food

    • Managing transportation

    • Guiding and attending to sponsors and press

    • Running AV

    • Restocking supplies and picking up garbage

Any others?

  • Physically walk-through the run-of-show document in the event space.

MLH Tips

  • Keep in mind most organizers, especially team leaders, will be responsible for more than one thing

  • Hackathon schedules inevitably change. The social media point person should be in charge of communicating schedules updates via Twitter and updates to the Facebook invite as soon as they happen, as well as answering attendee questions in real time.

  • Assign at least one organizer to make sure the event is going well and put out fires as needed


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