Setup your Event

Before the day arrives it is important to have the setup ready and good to be used by the hackers.

Before the Event

Here are common supplies you should have for your hackathon
  • First Aid Kit
  • Permanent Markers
  • Paper
    • Last minute signage
    • Give out wifi
    • Parking passes
    • Link to Discord
  • Box Cutters / Scissors
    • To open all your/your sponsors swag
  • Painters Tape
    • Do not use Scotch tape on paint. It will rip away the paint and make your venue mad. It also is not likely to last the full event
  • Gaffer's Tape
    • Secure electrical cords if they absolutely have to be across walkways
  • Duct Tape
    • Jack of all trades tape. DO NOT USE ON PAINT
It's important to check that the various tools you're using for your event are ready to go day-of. A dry run of the whole event largely can also help your team be prepared to handle everything and let you know about any bottleneck that might create problems later on.

In-Person Day-Of

  • Set up tables and chairs
  • Make sure WiFi is working (or set it up)
  • Check power at every table (may need to lay cable)
  • Check-in station
  • Sponsor and swag area
  • Hackathon space
  • Speaking area
  • Judging space
  • Hardware room or table
  • Food area
  • AV and tech
  • Relaxation area (if providing)
  • Help desk/info center
  • Meditation room

Digital Day-Of

Here is a check-list of items to ensure day-of:
  • Check-in is ready and up (You have all the information you might need later on)
  • Streaming platform is ready to go
  • Opening ceremony ready to go
  • Sponsors are on your chat platform with their assigned roles
  • The schedule is accurate and visible to attendees
  • Hackers have access to relevant channels on the chat platform
  • Mentors and judges are confirmed
  • Internal tasks are assigned to individual members of the organizing team