Setup your Event

Before the day arrives it is important to have the setup ready and good to be used by the hackers.

Things to Print Before

  • Signage -some pointing left, right, or blank so you can fill in the arrow as you place them

    • Checkin (include some pointing up to put on glass doors or in an elevator)

    • Bathrooms

    • Hacker Space

    • Food/Snacks

    • Mentors

    • Organizers Only

    • Do Not Enter

    • Workshops

  • Lanyards- having different colors or designs helps differentiate hackers from staff

    • Organizers

    • Volunteers

    • Mentors

    • Judges

    • Sponsors

    • Hackers

    • Blank(if the above run out for some reason have 10-15 blank)

  • Parking Passes(if needed)

  • Minor Forms(if needed)

  • Table Numbers (for Judging) - better to over than under print these

Before the Event

Here are common supplies you should have for your hackathon

  • First Aid Kit

  • Permanent Markers

  • Paper

    • Last minute signage

    • Give out wifi

    • Parking passes

    • Link to Discord

  • Box Cutters / Scissors

    • To open all your/your sponsors swag

  • Painters Tape

    • Do not use Scotch tape on paint. It will rip away the paint and make your venue mad. It also is not likely to last the full event

  • Gaffer's Tape

    • Secure electrical cords if they absolutely have to be across walkways

  • Duct Tape

    • Jack of all trades tape. DO NOT USE ON PAINT

It's important to check that the various tools you're using for your event are ready to go day-of. A dry run of the whole event largely can also help your team be prepared to handle everything and let you know about any bottleneck that might create problems later on.


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