Hackathon Submission Portal

Hackathon portals are one of the most important needs for any hackathon to get the projects submitted in the right way. Though one might think that these portals are just working as a form collecting data from the attendees to showcase the project, just using a simple form can be a big problem in terms of judging a hackathon.

Hackathon portals provide separate pages for judges to look over the different details of the project, providing hackers with a page where they can fill in details and publish their projects in front of the world! They allow hackers to show off their projects after the event, and show which projects won the different prizes at an event. Other than that, various tools and services these portals provide are a great way to enhance the overall hacking and organizing experience for everyone involved. They provide clear prize lists, can be utilized to help with judging, and more!

While there are a ton of different platforms to use for judging, Devpost is the most common at MLH Hackathons.

pageUsing Devpost

If your event chooses not to use Devpost (we recommend using Devpost as it is much easier than custom making a platform) you should have have the ability to create an export of projects that has the fields below. We also included an anonomized example Devpost export below. While some in the example are Devpost specific and just recommendations to help you, this list is the required fields to submit to MLH after your event.

  • Project Name

  • Submission URL (so that project can be viewed post event)

  • About the Project

  • Try it out / GitHub Link

  • Did you register a domain name this weekend? If so what was the domain?

  • Opt-In Prizes (any categories/tracks they submitted to)

  • Built With

  • Share feedback about any technology you interacted with at this hackathon. Remember to mention what tech you're reviewing

  • Schools of team members

  • Team Member Information (separate columns for each field and each team member)

    • First

    • Last

    • Email

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