Using Devfolio

Setting up your Devfolio hackathon page will help you manage registrations, check-ins, submissions, judging, and assigning winners. Please follow this guide on Devfolio for step by step instructions.

If you ever have questions, you can reach out to the Devfolio team at

If you decide to use Devfolio and are applying to be an MLH member event, please ensure the following:

  1. Unlike Devpost and other platforms, Devfolio has an approval process that your event needs to go through before you can start using their platform. Make sure to work ahead of time to be able to stick to your registration timeline.

  2. Please confirm that submission requirements & rules for your event have been added correctly.

  3. Make sure you understand what tracks and prizes mean on Devfolio. Once you become a Member Event, we’ll send you more information on the MLH partners that are active at your event.

    • Add Major League Hacking as a track. You can find our logo here.

    • Add the category prize, by MLH partners, as a new prize under the MLH track.

    • Leave the ‘Amount in USD’ blank unless one of our partners is giving out crypto as a prize.

  4. Add as a manager/admin to your event’s Devfolio page. This allows us to ask Devfolio for help for step 6.

  5. As Devfolio doesn’t allow for custom submission questions, please make sure to ask hackers to add answers to these questions as part of their submissions -

    • Links or other information relevant to MLH category prizes they opt-in to. Example: domain name that the team redeemed if a domain partner was active at your event.

    • Share feedback about any technology you interacted with at this hackathon. Remember to mention what tech you're reviewing (e.g. MongoDB, GitHub, Auth0, etc.).

  6. Practice exporting data from Devfolio to make sure you are ready for the day of judging. Devfolio does not share all of the registration fields as part of the exported file. Please reach out to to get the complete export with the MLH required fields, or let your Hackathon Community Manager (HCM) know if you need help. We recommend adding a custom submission question for the following fields that aren’t included in the general export from Devfolio (as of June 2024) -

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