Software for Hackathons

Student Hackathon Organizers have been building software to make manging their events even easier. Take a look at the following software solutions that you could potentially deploy to mange aspects of your event.

Hacker Identity

  • MyMLH - MyMLH is an API that enables hackers to easily share and manage their data in one click. Integrate it into your apps using OAuth.
  • MLH-Hackathon-Boilerplate - Boilerplate code for any new MLH Member Hackathon looking to build a website integrated with MyMLH. Written entirely in Jekyll, which GitHub pages automatically compiles to make hosting seamless.
  • omniauth-mlh - The official OmniAuth strategy for MyMLH, making it extremely easy to integrate MyMLH into your existing Ruby/Rails apps.


  • Nucleus - An extensible and comprehensive hackathon application system that integrates with MyMLH, Slack and more from HackTX. Built using PHP.


  • HelpQ - An extensible real-time queue application for mentorship at hackathons. Built using Meteor by the HackMIT team.


  • Devpost Expo / Table Number App - An expo / table numbers app for your Devpost hackathon. Updated via CSV and built using HTML/CSS/JS.
  • Gavel - A hackathon judging system that uses fancy math to get great results. Built using Python/Flask by the HackMIT team.

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