Software for Hackathons

Student Hackathon Organizers have been building software to make manging their events even easier. Take a look at the following software solutions that you could potentially deploy to mange aspects of your event.

Hacker Identity

  • MyMLH - MyMLH is an API that enables hackers to easily share and manage their data in one click. Integrate it into your apps using OAuth.
  • MLH-Hackathon-Boilerplate - Boilerplate code for any new MLH Member Hackathon looking to build a website integrated with MyMLH. Written entirely in Jekyll, which GitHub pages automatically compiles to make hosting seamless.
  • omniauth-mlh - The official OmniAuth strategy for MyMLH, making it extremely easy to integrate MyMLH into your existing Ruby/Rails apps.


  • Nucleus - An extensible and comprehensive hackathon application system that integrates with MyMLH, Slack and more from HackTX. Built using PHP.


  • Quill - A registration system designed especially for hackathons. For hackers, it's a clean and streamlined interface to submit registration and confirmation information. For hackathon organizers, it's an easy way to manage applications, view registration stats, and more! Built using Node.js by the HackMIT team.


  • Slack - A simple, extensible, free to use communication tool that can be used for almost anything at hackathons.


  • HelpQ - An extensible real-time queue application for mentorship at hackathons. Built using Meteor by the HackMIT team.


  • Devpost Expo / Table Number App - An expo / table numbers app for your Devpost hackathon. Updated via CSV and built using HTML/CSS/JS.
  • Gavel - A hackathon judging system that uses fancy math to get great results. Built using Python/Flask by the HackMIT team.

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