Registering your hackers' interest in the event!

Getting in registrations does not only make sure you have a participation pool to pass on updates for your event, rather, it is about the community you're forming around it. Every hacker that attends your hackathon becomes a member of your community and stays as one as long as you're interacting with them in the right way. For growing as a hackathon, you need to grow as a community which mean every individual needs to grow!

We recommend organiser to start some pre-registration process before they launch the main hackathon website. This helps capture the emails of interested hackers much before the main registrations start. Getting in just name and emails should be good enough for this particular process.

As the main registration process starts, it is vital to get in some demographic details of the attendees of your hackathon. Collecting data is useful for your team's ability to understand the demographics of your event. This can be typically beneficial while projecting your sponsors with your demographic charts and letting them know the impact your hackathon has had on the different sectors of the society. It is also extremely useful while going for targetted marketing for your event as you know the interested audience and their involvement with your hackathon.

Please note: As with all personal data, use the utmost care to keep participant data safe. We recommend hackathons to use the personal data just for the day of communication and not share it with anyone until you get specific permission from your hackers to do so.

Some Important Registration Fields

  • Name

  • Phone number

  • Email

  • Level of Study

    • Middle School

    • High School

    • Undergraduation / Bachelors

    • Graduation / Masters

    • PhD / Doctorate

    • Post Doctorate

  • Country of residence

Option Demographic Fields

  • Age

  • Gender

    • Male

    • Female

    • Non-binary

    • Other (Please Specify)

    • Prefer not to answer

  • Race/ Ethnicity

    • Asian or Asian Indian

    • Pacific Islander

    • Black or African American

    • Hispanic

    • White or Caucasian

    • Other

    • Don’t wish to disclose)

  • T-shirt Size (If shipping t-shirts)

    • Specify the US/ UK sizes here

  • Shipping Address (If shipping prizes or swag)

    • Address Line 1

    • Address Line 2

    • City

    • State

    • Country

    • Pincode

  • Major/Field of Study

    • Computer Science

    • Computer Engineering

    • Electrical Engineering

    • Electronics & Communications Engineering

    • Information Technology

    • Mechanical Engineering

    • Mathematics

    • Physics

    • Graphic Design

    • Business Studies

    • Other